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Welcome to provider area

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Welcome to IBay Online Shopping Switzerland Product Provider interface.


IBay International Ltd is registered in Hong Kong, the company has an office and storage in Zurich Transit Area, Switzerland.
 The dimension of Services is broadly provided as below:
1. offer E-business opportunity to serious and reputable vendors worldwide.
2. arrange transit business
3. depot goods for clients in Transit Area Zurich Switzerland for European market.

As a vendor, you probably know quite a bit about selling in traditional way which is that you must have a good selection of products, great price offer, and have to go exhibitions often to get new customers. Well, these things are as same theory as in Internet.
You still have to search good assortment of products and bargain for competitive price, but now you can join our B2B & B2C Market Place and reach out for more customers online. Through Ibay Shopping Center website, your products will be automatically exposed to thousands of businessmen and customers who are looking for products and services like yours.
You don’t have an online store yet? Take this advantage of our B2B & B2C Shopping Mall, in where you can set up your own store, present your products and services to targeted customers. Here are some criterias on how to make use of our services.

In IBay Online shopping Mall, you can add your products through interface Provider gateway with your conditions in terms of payment methods, shipping process, tax…., the shopping mall automatically calculates out total price ( in wholesale, retailing price), shipping and taxes etc……based on conditions you added.
Please note that we revalue most products on discount to wholesalers, and also check all stated wholesales (world wide). Please make your best offer at the first time, as, due to the high volume of offers we receive, we seek to avoid protracted haggling over any one offer.

After approving your application for joining our community, you will take place in IBay shopping Mall. A chance for marketing your products and services via professional E-commerce services of Ibay International Ltd team will be offered, and directly your products in Ibay International Shopping Centre will be started selling.
IBay Provider interface allows product providers to add/modify/delete their items, brows orders history, control discounts and enjoy all other options related to provider's products.
Ibay Pro edition allows you to have your own e-commerce Gate in our shopping Mall and run your own Shop to present your products.

To open your shop for business in our online shopping mall, Apply now via this online form.
Request Sell Inventory
This section provides brief  instructions on what a provider should do after IBay is opened an account and all the necessary settings are defined by the store administrator.
Provider Quick Start  http://www.ibay-hk.com/provider-zone/

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